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Moravian-Silesian Region Official Travel Guide
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Olše bike trail

Enjoy the magic of the uniquely beautiful region of Silesia, which surrounds the town of Český Těšín – there are only few places that show as much contrast as this one. The south has the beautiful nature of the Beskydy mountains, with log houses and churches preserved to this day, its own folklore, as well as the unique Goral dialect. The north, on the other hand, was impacted by heavy industry and coal mining and is interlaced with Odra river bays and various fish ponds. Let the Olše river guide you near the east-most town in the Czech Republic – Bukovec. Alongside the river runs bike trail number 10, all the way to Bohumín.
The very beginning of your expedition will be breathtaking, as you head out through the valley, guarded by Silesian Beskydy on one side and Moravian-Silesian Beskydy on the other. You may start your hike along the educational trail leading alongside the Bukovec Olesky natural reservation, all the way to the eastmost point of the Czech Republic. From Bukovec, the bike trail winds across the east-most Czech town, Jablunkov, where you can visit the globally unique Bible Museum or get acquainted with Goral culture in the Těšín regional museum. From Jablunkov, the trail will lead you through Hrádek to Bystřice, which boasts a most unique gem – the wooden Feast of the Cross church. Several kilometers away lies Vendryně, where you most definitely should go see the limestone furnaces from the first half of the 19th century. From here, the trail will take you through Třinec all the way to Český Těšín, where the Olše river (Olza in Polish) forms the natural border between the Czech Republic and Poland. You can visit our north-eastern neighbors easily by crossing one of many bridges and you can link your visit there with a tour of the chateau hill with a rotunda, a Gothic tower and a magnificent view of the entire town. From Český Těšín, head out to the Chotěbuz watchtower, where trail number 10 links to number 6100, which will take you to the Rybí dům restaurant. Here you can taste one of many fish specialties and look at several large aquariums, which will make you feel like a scuba diver. One place you absolutely must see is the neighboring Chotěbuz-Podobora Archeopark. The hill, on which the Archeopark is spread out, is one of the most significant archaeological location in the country! Humans inhabited this area already in the prehistoric age. In the 8th century, Slavs built their first fort here, as the local interactive exposition testifies. From Chotěbuz, you can head out to Luka nad Olší and then merge onto bike trail 6257, which leads along the fish pond area all the way to Karviná. First you will hit the Darkov spa surrounded by a chateau park and spa park – both are definitely worth walking or biking through. Part of the chateau park, also called the Božena Němcová park, is a game enclosure with fallow dear and a boatyard complex formed by one of Odra’s bays, which you can explore on a rented boat. Karviná’s gem is its historic town square with a beautiful Empire-style chateau. After visiting it, you may continue to Bohumín to the confluence of Olše and Odra, where you can wrap up your trip by, say, visiting the Na trati infantry blockhouse, which is part of the Technotrasa technology trail.

Tip: You can also conquer the roughly 80-km-long bike trail on e-bike. A network of rental and charging stations is spread all across the Moravian-Silesian region. You may rent e-bikes for example in Bukovec or Třinec.
IC Třinec
Štefánikova 17/27
737 01 Český Těšín
+420 720 043 697
Tesin Silesia
IC Třinec
Štefánikova 17/27
737 01 Český Těšín
Tesin Silesia
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