Moravian-Silesian Region Official Travel Guide
Moravian-Silesian Region Official Travel Guide
Basic travelling information

Basic travelling information

  • List of mountain rescue stations

    RS for the area of Beskydy telephone 597 431 700-1
    RS Gruň telephone 558 437 871
    RS Javorový telephone 597 431 703
    RS Kohútka telephone 597 431 709
    RS Lysá hora (Sa + Su) telephone 597 431 702
    RS Mosty u Jablunkova (winter) telephone 606 769 010
    RS Pustevny telephone 597 431 707
    RS Radhošť (Sa + Su) telephone 723 273 032
    RS Soláň telephone 571 480 300
    RS Velký Polom                           telephone 558 330 053    
  • Rules for maintaining cross-country tracks

    The snow cover should be at least 30 cm high.
    The trail is groomed twice per week based on the current weather conditions, the forecast and the location of the given trail.
    Frost, mild or no wind: trails are groomed in the evening and at night.
    Frost, wind, potential snow: grooming in morning hours, first the forest trails, then the open sections.
    Strong snow, wind: open ridge sections are not groomed.
    Glaze, a thicker layer of ice on the tracks: not groomed, the machine only crushes the ice into smaller pieces.
    Rain: no grooming.
    Thawed sections: groomed only if the machines can move on snow.

  • Snow track etiquette

    Behave in a way so as to not injure or put anybody at risk. Do not walk in the cross-country tracks on foot. If you need to walk along the trail, do not tread onto the tracks. On the marked circuits and designated standard trails, heed the marking and only move in the prescribed direction. Follow all instructions of the track operator. On two-track trails, you can use either of the tracks. You can pass others from the left or right, either in the free track or beside the track. The skier who is being passed should vacate their track upon request. If you are passing or being passed, hold your poles close to your body. When going downhill, adjust your style to the conditions, your abilities, the state of the track, visibility and the traffic on the trail. Maintain a safe distance behind the skier in front of you. When you encounter a skier coming from the other direction, pass each other on the right side. On trails with one track, the descending skier has right of way. The ascending skier should vacate the track. If you must stop, step out of the track. If you fall, try to vacate the track immediately.

  • The Ten Commandments for Nordic Skiers

    1. In case of injury, inform the Mountain Rescue Service immediately.
    2. Follow the instructions of the Mountain Rescue Service.
    3. Follow the warning and information signs.
    4. Do not underestimate the potential vagaries of the weather.
    5. Do not overestimate your abilities.
    6. Find out information about the weather conditions and difficulty of the trail.
    7. Stay within the marked hiking and ski trails; in the winter when on ridge paths, stay near the pole marks.
    8. Stay in groups of at least three.
    9. Dress appropriately.
    10. Before leaving for your hike or ski trip, register in the Book of Walks and Hikes (“Kniha vycházek a túr”).
  • Transport and ski shuttles

    You can reach the trails by car, bus or train. More information about the shuttle bus stops can be found on the individual trails of the Beskydy Arterial.

    Seat reservation for the shuttle busses is available at,, or at select partner location. More information about ski shuttles: or by phone at (+420) 844 555 888.