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Moravian-Silesian Region Official Travel Guide

Johann Gregor Mendel

One of the most recognised natives who brought fame to Moravské Kravařsko, as well as all of Moravia is, without a doubt, Johann Gregor Mendel. The founder of genetics and the man who discovered the laws of heredity was born in Hynčice u Vražného. He spent most of his life in Brno as a member of the Augustinian Order, and when he died, his requiem at the church was conducted by Leoš Janáček.
Johann Mendel was born 1822 to the family of a German farmer in Hynčice, which today is a part of the town of Vražné in the district of Nový Jičin.  He graduated from grammar school in Opava, which was located in the building that now houses the Zemský archiv v Opavě (Provincial Archives in Opava). He studied philosophy in Olomouc. Upon the wishes of his mother and for financial reasons, he joined the Augustinian monastery in Brno.

Entering into the order was one of the most important decisions of his life, as the Augustinian Order was a significant lure to scholars and the elite, and put great emphasis on the further edification of its members. It was here that Mendel took on his monastic name, Gregor. He dedicated himself to mathematics and physics. He studied chemistry, botany, and other sciences.

He performed experiments with plants, worked on crossbreeding pea plants, and discovered the laws of genetics. He thusly laid the groundwork for the scientific field we now call genetics. He was also involved in meteorology, and for over twenty years, sent daily measurements to Vienna. It is therefore no coincidence that the Czech station in Antarctica bears his name. In addition to scientific work, he was also continuously involved in the spiritual activities of the monastery, and became the Augustinian abbot for Staré Brno.

When Johann Gregor Mendel died in 1884, the requiem that resounded through the church was conducted by the young Leoš Janáček. The young man who would later become a world-renowned musical genius was a native of Hukvaldy, and was studying in Brno at the time with the financial support of the Augustinians.

Today, in Mendel's hometown, his birth house is open to the public, and visitors can sit under a chestnut tree near Hynčice supposedly be planted by the very man who dedicated himself to the crossbreeding of plants, among many other things.

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