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Petra Kvitová

Petra Kvitová was born in 1990, and her biographies list her place of birth as Bílovec. But this is only because Fulnek does not have its own maternity ward. Her life—as well as her early athletic career—are intimately tied to Fulnek, the city she calls home. After she won the Wimbledon tennis tournament on 2011, she also became an honorary citizen of the city.
Before becoming a professional player, she also played for the local tennis club until she was 16 years old, at which time she changed her team jersey. Local residents would often see her running in the forest park around the Fulnek chateau and the area around Žákovský háj (Students' Grove).

When this left-handed tennis player defeated Russia's Maria Sharapova in the Wimbledon finals, Fulnek welcomed her so spectacularly that the bell of the Černá věž (Black Tower) resounded above the packed city square. Since then, she has celebrated many more successes in subsequent tournaments. She also exhibits her outstanding skills as part of the Czech women's Fed Cup team.

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