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Moravian-Silesian Region Official Travel Guide

Sigmund Freud

Although Sigismund Schlomo Freud Sischa, later shortened to Sigmund Freud, spent only three years of his life in his native Příbor, he never forget this Moravian town. As a respected psychoanalyst who knew how childhood affects our future development, he recalled the sound of the bells of the local church. He writes about his nanny, Monica Zajíc. In his works, he calls Příbor 'home' and Moravia his homeland.
Today in Příbor, this ingenious scientist is returning as the historic square is named after him. The family house where Monica Zajíc lived is today a modern museum where visitors can learn all about how Příbor influenced the further work of its famous native son. In the college of the Piaristic monastery, there is a permanent exhibition of Sigmund Freud.
Even more about Freud is noted due to his second stay in Pribor. When he was sixteen years old, he returned from Vienna to his hometown because of his childhood friend Emil Fluss. Freud was deeply in love with his friend's sister, Gisela Flussovy. Sadly, when Gisela left Pribor, he went walking in the meadows around the town but saw only the yellow dress of Gisela in the yellow flowers of the dandelions.
From that point on, Freud never returned to Příbor. He lived In Vienna until the beginning of World War II but emigrated to London when he was imagined to be of Jewish ethnicity. At that time, he was not only an important world psychologist but also an opponent of Nazism. His anti-war book, which he wrote along with Albert Einstein, was publicly burned in the streets of Berlin.
In London, Freud also formed, wrote and lectured, especially against the war, even though he was seriously ill. In September 1939, a day after the outbreak of World War II, he asked his doctor to give him a higher dose of morphine because it was pointless for him to go on. He died in his sleep early in the morning the next day.

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