Ostravar, Ostrava’s Brewery

Traditional Ostrava beer since 1898

Beer has been brewed in Ostrava since as early as the twelfth century. In the late nineteenth century, a brewery was founded in Moravská Ostrava, creating competition for the German brewery Strassmann.The municipal brewery’s stockholders became prominent citizens of the city. German dignitaries bore ill will to the establishment and even submitted a complaint to the Ministry of Mining and Agriculture in Vienna. The complaint was denied and Bohemian beer brewing commenced in 1898.

The brewery stands, to this day on, Hornopolní Street in the heart of the city. A pond was also constructed nearby, which served as a source of ice used for cooling the frothy beer. In the time before electric iceboxes, it was common to store ice in insulated rooms, where the ice lasted even through the summer months.

Beer brewing in Ostrava has continued under the name Ostravar. The beer has won numerous awards in international contests. Visitors can also tour the  Ostravar Museum, where guests can learn about the history of beer brewing in Ostrava. They can also visit the production areas and sample this local beer.


Pivovar Ostravar
Hornopolní 1075/57
702 00 Ostrava
E-mail: ostravar@molsoncoors.com
Web: https://www.ostravar.cz
Tel.: +420 596 650 111

Ostravar, Ostrava’s Brewery