Jeseník Spa

The Jeseník spa, also called the Priessnitz spa, is used by thousands of patients from all over the world and also visited by tourists and mountain lovers. The Jeseník spa was founded at the beginning of the 19th century by local native Vincenz Priessnitz.

Since his remedies included ‘only’ water and fresh air, the locals thought he was a charlatan or, at best, a god-gifted healer. Priessnitz’s methods were also criticised by doctors, especially surgeons, as they were used for radical treatments. 

However, his cure was so successful that all of Europe soon learned about the spa and many prominent people, such as the composer Franz Liszt or the Russian writer Gogol, came here for treatment.

Jeseník provides everything a visitor needs for a restful spa stay or family trip, thanks to the many springs, gazebos and small monuments in the surrounding area.


Priessnitzovy léčebné lázně a. s.
Priessnitzova 299
790 03 Jeseník

Tel.: +420 584 491 111

Jeseník Spa
Jeseník Spa