The Velké Losiny Spa

The Jeseníky Mountains are synonymous with fresh air and spas. Visitors have been coming to Velké Losiny for health reasons for a very long time. In fact, it is one of the oldest spas in Moravia. The locals discovered the healing effects of the thermal water in the 16Th century.

There is a legend about the spa’s origins that claims that a yeoman chased his sick horse off the farm. The horse fell into the mud in a nearby meadow and drank from the spring. He was miraculously healed and came back to the farm several days later. Soon after, the natural resources become exploited.

Throughout the years, the spa became renowned for the number of cured patients and its beautiful environment. The six local thermal springs, with a high content of sulphide, are especially effective for treating neurological, locomotive and skin diseases. Velké Losiny houses a wonderful thermal park, where you can plunge into the relaxation and regeneration of the water world. The park around the spa buildings has rare trees. Moreover, there is a castle and a unique paper plant nearby.

From the Velké Losiny Spa, you can hike, ski or visit other remarkable sites in the Jeseníky Mountains.  


Lázně Velké Losiny
Lázeňská 323
788 15 Velké Losiny

Tel.: +420 583 394 311

The Velké Losiny Spa