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Moravian-Silesian Region Official Travel Guide
What to do Sights Urban architecture The historical centre of the city of Odry
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The historical centre of the city of Odry

A derisive rumour that can be heard when walking about the historical heart of the city of Odry insists that Odry burghers put even the Virgin Mary herself in the pillory. The gossip is based on the fact that the former pillory that once stood in front of today's city hall was used as the base of a statue of the Virgin Mary. Today, this statue is one of the attractions for those interested in the history of Moravské Kravařsko, and is the starting point for most of city’s guided tours.
Another statue also once stood in the square: an effigy of Saint Florian. It made way for automobile traffic and was transferred to the local parish, where it still stands to this day. Something you can still see standing in the square today, however, is the fountain with angels from 1897, crafted from metal alloy.

One of the things Odry prides itself on is the Saint Bartholomew Church. Its church bell is one of the oldest in Moravia. It was cast in 1374. Not much of the city's gothic countenance has survived. The last tangible memory of the Gothic Era and of the strong Hussite garrison here is the bastion that is part of the city's medieval fortifications. The bastion is open to tourists, and, in addition to its embrasures, visitors can admire the collection of beer glasses, bricks, and tiles. Also of note is the original pebble stone paving in front of this monument.

Another stop is the building of the former executioner's and city prison. Although the structure is called the executioner's, Odry never had its own executioner, and prisoners who were to be parted with their heads were sent elsewhere to have this carried out. The nearby street is not called "Švédská" ("Swedish") without reason. The Swedes battled their way to this location during the Thirty Years' War. It is said that corridors led beneath the street, which accessed the chateau, the underground, and the church.
MIC Odry
Masarykovo náměstí 16/25
742 35 Odry
+420 556 768 162
The Poodří region
MIC Odry
Masarykovo náměstí 16/25
742 35 Odry
The Poodří region
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