The Poodří region

Go on nature walks and expeditions in the footsteps of celebrities

Few tourist regions offer such a comprehensive mosaic of interesting and attractive places as Moravské Kravařsko. History literally flowed through the gently rolling landscape along the Odra River between Fulnek on the north and Nový Jičín on the south. This was the birthplace of the founder of genetics, Gregor Johann Mendel, where the Hussites settled, and where the Teacher of the Nation, John Amos Comenius, journeyed through the towns and villages.

Nature lovers appreciate the Poodří Protected Landscape Area. It remains almost untouched by human activity. The wilderness along the Oder River is so unbridled that farming it was impossible. Owing to this, it is a place where one can admire ponds and old river branches, as well as the life of aquatic flora, amphibians, birds, and animals.

Visitors looking for history will be hard pressed to find any other locale with as many chateaus and historical towns. The Kunín Chateau is a gem of baroque architecture. The same is true for the town of Fulnek, where one can feel the presence of Comenius, who taught and escaped to exile from here. Suchdol nad Odrou is linked with the fates of the Moravian Brethren, who gradually left to spread their gospel to the world. The estate that is the birthplace of the founder or genetics, Mendel, became the foundation for the museum dedicated to this genius in Hyničice at town of Vražné.

Moravské Kravařsko is also Odry, a city that belonged to the bastions of the Hussite armies. From the surrounding hills, upon which they built lookouts and guard towers, they had control over the happenings at the Moravian Gate.

People here lived in harmony with nature, and many technical monuments have survived to this day, whether these are wind or water mills, or still-functional railroads that tourists can admire, for instance at the Vagonářské muzeum (Wagon Museum) in Studénka.

And if you are the type of person who likes active relaxation, Moravské Kravařsko is perfect for you too. Probably the only thing that nature did not offer here are mountains suitable for skiing. But this is no problem, either, as anyone who visits the artificial hill in the HEIpark sports arena in Tošovice in the winter will see. In the summer, it functions as an outdoor arena for all ages, and in the winter as ski slopes and a recreational park.

The Poodří region
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