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Moravian-Silesian Region Official Travel Guide

Historical centre of Opava

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The centre of Opava has preserved much of its original atmosphere as an old German city. Despite the fact that it was extensively damaged during the battles at the end of the war and many buildings gave way to the development of the modern city, there is still much to admire, and Opava is one of the most interesting places in the Moravian-Silesian Region and the entire Czech Republic.
One of the dominant landmarks of Opava's Horni náměstí (Upper Town Square) is the white shining building known as "Hláska" or "Hodinová věž" ("Clock Tower"). This is a place where visitors can get an impression of the historical centre of the city, from the observation deck of this 60-metre-high tower. It now houses the municipal authority.

The brick-red Assumption of the Virgin Mary Co-Cathedral is typical of the Silesian church Gothic style period. Its tower looms 102 metres above the ground, making it the tallest tower in Silesia.

The Slezské divadlo Theatre is one of the oldest theatres in the Czech Republic. It was started by a German theatre group back in 1805, and in the over two hundred years since, the theatre has never ceased putting on performances.

The Church of the Holy Spirit is one of the strongest symbols of the city's history. It is linked to the legend that claims that the ground beneath it is the burial site of the last Přemyslids, the dynasty of Nicholas I. The church is also linked to a visit by the composer Ludwig van Beethoven, who attended a performance of his Mass here, during which he could not keep to his seat in the audience, confiscated the baton, and conducted the concert himself.

It is not just the heart of the city itself that is worth a stroll around; the adjacent streets and courtyards that create pleasant parks and relaxation areas between house blocks are worth a visit, as well. Also, Opava is the city with the oldest—and therefore most pleasant—collection of parks, which form a ring of greenery around the city centre that can be enjoyed on foot, by bike, or on roller skates.
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