A Hike to Uhlířský Hill

Hike to Uhlířský Hill by Bruntál to see one of the youngest volcanoes in the Czech Republic up close. While you’re hiking, be sure to enjoy the Baroque architecture and beautiful views of the countryside. If you enjoy geology, history and geography; Uhlířský Hill is the ideal place for you.

It is clear to see from its shape that the hill is an extinct volcano. Lava is believed to have still flowed here two million years ago, which makes Uhlířský Hill one of the youngest volcanoes in the Czech Republic. The remains of the volcanic activity were exhibited in this location, even as late as the middle of the last century.

Legend says that the knight, Augustin Oswald of Lichtenstein, got lost here while hunting and was saved from certain death by a local coalman (uhlíř in Czech). Hence, this became the name of the hill. To thank him, the knight had a wooden chapel built on the hilltop, which was replaced in the middle of the 18th century with the brick Baroque Church of the Virgin Mary the Helper.

In front of the church is a lime-tree alley. There also used to be a famous Calvary that was, however, taken down after WW II and has been replaced with a wooden Calvary made by the local woodcarver František Nedomlel. The signboard of the local educational trail, Uhlířský Hill by Bruntál, talks about the history of Uhlířský Hill and the unique water piping that provided it with water.

The hilltop provides beautiful views of the Jeseníky massif.


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A Hike to Uhlířský Hill