Beer Baths at the Zábřeh Chateau

Relax your in the chateau beer baths

Treat yourself to a relaxing beer bath at the Zámek Zábřeh Chateau. The history of this former water fortress—and later chateau—reaches all the way back to the fifteenth century.Today, it has been renovated into a stylish restaurant and hotel. Excellent beer from its microbrewery also attracts visitors. The spa, too, takes advantage of the healing effect of beer. So if you would like a bit of relaxation, come and lie back in one of the wooden tubs and soak in a bath of oils and brewer’s yeast. The Zámeček Chateau has become one of the most popular restaurants in Ostrava.


Zámek Zábřeh
U Zámku 42/1
700 30 Ostrava
Tel.: +420 777 808 299

Beer Baths at the Zábřeh Chateau
Beer Baths at the Zábřeh Chateau