Beer Spa Bahenec

Wellness Hotel Bahenec offers its clients a lot of pleasant relaxation treatments throughout the year. You may swim in the indoor/outdoor pool or sweat in the sauna.

But there is something special for lovers of the amber nectar. At the beer spa you can immerse yourself in a wooden hot tub in which you can sip a beer that you pour yourself. This thermal seated bath, with the addition of excellent beer, warms and relaxes the body. After the bath, you can follow-up your treatment by taking a half-hour rest on a bed of oat straw. After such pampering, you will fall asleep beautifully.


Wellness hotel Bahenec
Písek u Jablunkova 195
739 84 Písek u Jablunkova

Tel.: +420 558 330 057

Beer Spa Bahenec