Bílovec Chateau

The chateau in Bílovec is once again open to the public after several years of reconstruction. It has become the dominant site of the town and an interesting place to visit. A tour will offer not only a peak into local history, but also local myths and legends, with which the chateau is replete.

This Renaissance chateau with elements of baroque reconstruction counts as one of the most visited landmarks in town. One of its most interesting nooks hides a chapel with the tombstones of the chateau’s former owners. The biggest part of the chateau collection is dedicated to the last owners of the edifice – the family of Sedlnitz of Choltice (or von Choltitz in German). Visitors may view the apartment, in which the last aristocratic denizen of the chateau lived – countess Hermína Balbína Sedlnitzká of Choltice.

The castle also offers an exposition entitled Hunting and Forestry, offering examples of hunting trophies and showing the evolution of hunting methods over the past centuries.


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Bílovec Chateau
Bílovec Chateau