Biskupská kupa

The view tower on the top of Biskupská kupa is located on the Czech-Polish border and resembles a seacoast lighthouse or a giant windmill. This 18m high building is the oldest stone view tower in Moravia and provides a view of Mount Praděd, Kralický Sněžník and even the High Tratras, if visibility is really good.

The stone view tower was built in 1898 by a German tourist association in commemoration of the 50-year reign of Emperor Franz Joseph I. Biskupská kupa has been a border point since the Middle Ages, separating the Olomouc bishopric from the Wroclaw bishopric. This is where the Habsburgs’ territory ended after the Silesian Wars. 

You can reach the lookout tower on foot from the main junction (in front of the museum building) in the center of the town of Zlaté Hory, along the green trail, passing the St. Roch chapel and Mnichův kámen, up to the summit (4 km) or by car in the direction of Jindřichov ve Slezsku towards the Petrova bouda ridge, before continuing on foot from the local parking lot along the green trail, all the way to the lookout tower (about 2 km).

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Biskupská kupa