Chateau Nová Horka

Not only did the Nová Horka chateau earn the nickname Little Vienna for the rich cultural life it offered during its heyday, it also was also dubbed Chateau of the Lilly after its original owners, the aristocratic family of Vetter von der Lilie. That is why this pretty plant shows up in many places and on many objects in the chateau – such as on the beautiful porcelain.

As part of this round tour, you will visit a chamber with original built-in closets, a fully stocked chateau library, which contains, among other things, a collection of travelogs, astrological scripts, but also fiction and cookbooks, and outside, the chateau chapel and sala terrena – the original garden hall.


Zámek Nová Horka
Nová Horka 22
742 13 Studénka
Tel.: +420 553 034 734

Chateau Nová Horka
Chateau Nová Horka