Chateau park in Hradec nad Moravicí

The chateau park that surrounds Hradec nad Moravicí Chateau is the second largest park in Moravia and Silesia. A unique feature of this enormous garden is the fact that it is not enclosed, but blends freely with the surrounding landscape and fades into the forests around it. Some of the trees here are up to 400 years old.

The highest point in the park is Bezručova vyhlídka Lookout, with a beautiful view of Opava and the river valley.

The Lichnowskys, who owned the chateau, placed various rocks and obelisks around the garden to commemorate certain important events and guests. One of the most famous is the rock carved with the word Bellaria, located at a stunning lookout over the river.


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Chateau park in Hradec nad Moravicí
Chateau park in Hradec nad Moravicí