Cvilín Castle

There is a church, a view-tower and medieval castle ruins atop the hill above Krnov. The castle is called Cvilín but is also known as Schelenburg, which was the name one of its owners. The castle was built as a part of the land fortification in the 13th century and protected the region between Opava and Krnov. It also once belonged to Duke Nicholas, the illegitimate son of King of Bohemia Přemysl Otakar II.

Shelenburg Castle suffered a fate similar to other castles in this region, such as Fulstein Castle or Rabstein Castle. It succumbed to an attack from Matthias Corvinus’s armies and was totally destroyed during the Thirty Years’ War. The remains of the walls and the Gothic foundations are freely accessible to those who wish to enjoy a view of the surrounding countryside, to visit the Cvilín view-tower or the pilgrimage church called the Church of the Virgin Mary of Sorrows.


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Cvilín Castle