Dinosaur Park in Orlova

Head to see the dinosaurs in north Moravia

What would it be like to find yourself in the company, or even in the clutches of a prehistoric giant lizard? This breathtaking spectacle awaits you only a short drive from Ostrava at DinoPark, between Orlová and Doubrava.Visitors can view the 70 life-sized dinosaurs and some of them can even move. These prehistoric animals can be found in 30 different environments and are in clear view. You may also find examples of actual findings from that time amid the fun and educational exhibitions. And if you are wondering what kind of monsters used to hunt in the Mesozoic seas, you can visit the DinoAquarium. On the panoramic 3D cinema screen, you will see the largest predators in action underwater.

There is also a DinoPark nature trail and special paleontological playground. Even the local café-restaurant is decorated in a prehistoric style.


DinoPark Ostrava
U Dinoparku 1
735 33 Doubrava
E-mail: ostrava@dinopark.cz
Web: https://www.dinopark.cz/cz/ostrava
Tel.: +420 378 774 636

Dinosaur Park in Orlova
Dinosaur Park in Orlova