Fairytale tours in the Odry museum

The museum in the building of the former executioner's in Odry is a place to learn the history of the prison system, as well as various interesting facts about the city. Because this museum too has become a part of Pohádkové Poodří (Fairytale Poodří), you can let yourself be guided by fairytale characters.

At the Katovna (Executioner’s), tourists are welcomed by the Proutníček elves, who are easily recognisable by their large black hats, grey cloaks, and the baskets in their hands. It is said they came to Odry from the nearby forests, travelling on fresh twigs (proutky) from trees and shrubs. They teach children how important it is to love nature. And they serve as tour guides for both big and small of the museum exhibits, where they can tell you about anything and everything that has been found in the Odry area. They can show you the silver and slate that was mined here. They talk about coins and bricks that archeologists have found.

So if you want to learn about this part of the Poodří Region, there is no need to be afraid in the former executioner’s, the Proutníček elves are friendly and kind.


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Fairytale tours in the Odry museum
Fairytale tours in the Odry museum