HEIPARK Tošovice – winter

No need to go to the mountains to enjoy winter merriments! This unique sports resort near Fulnek offers entertainment, relaxation and adrenalin rushes year-round. Starting in December, or as the weather allows, it turns into a winter kingdom for the entire family. No other ski resort in the country can match HEIPARK, it is the only artificially built hill in the Czech Republic!

You can enjoy some great skiing on three low to medium difficulty slopes. The youngest visitors can practice skiing and snowboarding on their own or with the help of the instructors from the local ski and snowboard school. HEIPARK offers two kiddy slopes and a tow lift.

Snowboarders will also happily return to HEIPARK, whose snow park beckons with many jumps and obstacles. The adventurous can also practice tricks and jumps on the giant inflatable BigAirBag.

And if you’ve had enough downhill skiing, come have some fun on the bobsled track, which is operational year-round – try some snow-tubing, ride a sleigh on a slope with a tow lift, skate at the ice rink or do some cross-country skiing on a loop with artificial snow.

  • number of slopes: 6
  • total length of all slopes: 1,5 km
  • seat lift: no
  • artificial snow: yes
  • evening skiing: yes
  • children’s park: yes
  • ski school: yes
  • equipment rental: yes


HEIPARK Tošovice
Tošovice 72
742 35 Odry
E-mail: info@heipark.cz
Web: https://www.heipark.cz
Tel.: +420 734 684 479

HEIPARK Tošovice – winter
HEIPARK Tošovice – winter
HEIPARK Tošovice – winter
HEIPARK Tošovice – winter
HEIPARK Tošovice – winter