Komenského Sady Park in Ostrava

Komenského sady is an expansive park that is located along the landscaped shore of the Ostravice River in the very heart of Ostrava. It is the perfect place for strolls, relaxing or inline skating.

A cycling path also passes through the park, continuing toward the mining museum at Landek. The path leads past the Silesian Ostrava Castle, all the way to the Beskydy Mountains. There are also areas on the riverbank especially set up for sunbathing. The park is beloved by joggers and, in the winter months, is a paradise for cross-country skiers.

The Sady is one of the largest municipal parks in the entire Czech Republic. Sadová Street is constructed along the edge of this green expanse, and here visitors can admire the grandest villas in Ostrava. These include establishments from representative companies, as well as the Polish consulate headquarters. The park also neighbours the splendid New City Hall. It has a hall for tennis or badminton, as well as outdoor tennis courts, where famous Czech tennis player and Ostrava native Ivan Lendl learned to play. A liberation memorial also stands in the park.


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Komenského Sady Park in Ostrava