Saint Martin’s Church in Tošovice

At first glance, Saint Martin's Church in Tošovice near the town of Odry appears different from other churches built in the early twentieth century. And why wouldn't it be, since this church bears the signature of architect Leopold Bauer, whose distinction was that he designed buildings that deviated from the norm.

This Krnov native has left his mark on many important structures beyond Moravia, and primarily in Silesia. His style was characterised by his evocative designs that recalled previous architectural style periods, and he combined them in various ways. The church in Tošovice is dominated by a large tower with small side towers alongside it. Upon more detailed inspection, one cannot help but think that Bauer also used some of these elements for the design of Priessnitz spa resort in Jeseník, which is one of the architect’s magna opera.

Originally, Tošovice was home to a sixteenth-century wooden church, but this was in such a desolate state that it had to be torn down. Construction of the new church began in 1914, and two years later, churchgoers could rejoice in a new place of worship.


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Saint Martin’s Church in Tošovice