The Arboretum in Nový Dvůr

If you are a lover of shrubs and flowers, on your visit to Opava don’t miss the tour of the Arboretum in Nový Dvůr. Seven thousand plants from around the world grow here and are displayed in the exposition titled, "The Trees of Five Continents."

While most of the specimens grow directly in the gardens, the arboretum’s tropical plants found homes in the greenhouses. You can also look forward to plants that thrive in peat bogs and sand dunes.

All of these can be seen in the Arboretum, in addition to giant trees from Arizona or even China. The foundations for the garden were laid by Quido Riedler, the owner of the estate, in the early 20th century. Today the garden is much larger, and is one of the most valuable botanical parks in Moravia and Silesia.


Slezské zemské muzeum - Arboretum Nový Dvůr
Stěbořice 27
746 01 Stěbořice - Nový Dvůr
Tel.: +420 553 661 975

The Arboretum in Nový Dvůr
The Arboretum in Nový Dvůr