Linhartovy Castle

Lately, there haven’t been many castles that have experienced the same boom as the one in Linhartovy by the town of Albrechtice. The castle stands at the Polish border. A part of its garden is actually in Poland since the Opavice River that runs next to the castle creates the border with Poland.

Linhartovy Castle was built in the Renaissance style in the 16th century and included a beautiful French formal garden. The castle’s decline came during WW II, when it was turned into the hospital for the German army. A fire broke out and damaged the roof, which was only temporarily repaired.

Linhartovy resembles the original castle from the outside, but there is not much left of its interior. Nevertheless, the castle attracts tourists because of an incredible number of exhibitions and cultural events it hosts. It has become a sought-after destination of organised trips, including school outings.

It is one of the many castles that made this region a unique place for learning about history and castles in general.  This is why the Osoblaha region, to which Linhartovy and the town of Albrechtice are an imaginary gate, is compared to the French Versailles. 


Zámek Linhartovy
793 95 Město Albrechtice
Tel.: +420 728 323 270

Linhartovy Castle