Loděnice (Boatyard) in ‘Bozena Nemcova’ Park

One of the attractions of the park of Bozena Nemcova Karvina is a boat rental at the site of the renovated Loděnice (boatyard). Visitors to the park may ride on the surface of a meander of the river Olše (Olza) and enjoy the view of the park and castle Fryštát.

Bozena Nemcova Park, the original grounds of the chateau of Frystat (the seat of the Larisch- Mönnich family), is a popular spot for walking. In addition to the boatyard, there is also a mini-zoo with deer and waterfowl. Families with children in the park will also find a nice playground, which resembles an old Slavic settlement.


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Loděnice (Boatyard) in ‘Bozena Nemcova’ Park
Loděnice (Boatyard) in ‘Bozena Nemcova’ Park