Masaryk Square in Ostrava

The heart Moravská Ostrava is comprised mainly of Masaryk Square with stores, cafés and restaurants. One point of interest for tourists is the Old City Hall building, which currently houses the Ostrava Museum with an exposition dedicated to the city's history. The square regularly echoes with the bells of the museum belfries.

A column and a statue of Saint Florian are erected in the square, which had been replaced for many years by a statue of a man with a rifle slung across his back: the People’s Militiaman.

In the Middle Ages, the square was home to a marketplace. It is said that the privilege to host the 16-day markets  was granted by Charles the IV himself in 1362. Today, markets take place  primarily during the pre-Christmas season. The square has been newly paved with brass plaques set amongst the paving stones commemorating thirty of the most significant milestones of the city’s history. A modern fountain that shoots water directly from the stones is located in the square. In summer, it is a favoured spot to cool off, primarily for children. In the corner, beneath the archway leading to Ostrava Square stands a statue of the first Czechoslovak president, T. G. Masaryk, who visited this spot.

Masaryk Square is the perfect place to discover of the most interesting places around Ostrava.


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Masaryk Square in Ostrava