Mezivodí Ski Resort

An easy-paced skiing trip for your entire family awaits you at the Mezivodí ski resort near the border with Slovakia.

Come spend your ski or snowboard vacation on any of the four blue-red slopes with a total length of 1.4 km. Lifts are available to take you to the top. Thanks to the lighting conditions, you can have a great time during the day and in the evening. The resort’s grooming machines will ensure that your skiing conditions are as good as can be.

Your children can come blow off some steam on the kiddy slope with a 50-meter-long rope lift. Our ski school and ski and snowboard equipment rental are also at your service.

  • number of slopes: 4
  • total length of all slopes: 1,4 km
  • seat lift: no
  • artificial snow: yes
  • evening skiing: yes
  • children’s park: no
  • ski school: yes
  • equipment rental: yes


Ski areál Mezivodí
Bílá - Mezivodí 177
739 15 Bílá
Tel.: +420 605 559 803

Mezivodí Ski Resort
Mezivodí Ski Resort