Pevnost „Na trati“ (Fortress ‘On the Track’)

Czechoslovak fortifications are commemorated at the fortress near Bohumín

Military history enthusiasts, as well as people who want to learn about the events that preceded the Second World War, will appreciate a visit to the fortress called “On the track” near Bohumín. Here you will find part of the fortifications that protected the former Czechoslovakia before the rise of Nazism in the 1930s.The area between Bohumín, Ostrava and Opava were most strongly protected because any attack was expected to come from the north. The fortress ‘On the Track’ has been preserved in its original form, as it was when the Czechoslovak soldiers abandoned it after the signing of the Munich Agreement. It is open to the public, so you can learn how forts were built, what the strategy of the General Staff of the Czechoslovak Army was, and how quickly the fortress was built.

Other similar objects can be found at Darkovičky and the history of the Second World War in this area is well explained at the World War II Memorial in Hrabyně.


Pevnost (pěchotní srub) MO S-5 "Na Trati"
Československé armády
735 81 Bohumín
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Pevnost „Na trati“ (Fortress ‘On the Track’)
Pevnost „Na trati“ (Fortress ‘On the Track’)
Pevnost „Na trati“ (Fortress ‘On the Track’)
Pevnost „Na trati“ (Fortress ‘On the Track’)