Praděd Ski resort

When skiing on the highest peak of Moravia, you will feel like you are in heaven — or at least very close, since this resort is the highest elevation in the Czech Republic to offer a skiing experience. The climate ensures that the resort mostly has the best snow conditions that last until the end of April. The peak is not called the “Moravian Glacier” for nothing!

You can ski or snowboard on eight slopes of all difficulty levels, the longest of which is 850 meters. Two slopes have even been homologated for racing. Children and beginners will be excited to learn about our ski school and children’s ski playground, while snowboarders will want to check out our snow park.

You will also make some great memories cross-country skiing across the beautiful Jeseníky landscape. A popular one is the groomed trail that connects Ovčárna, Švýcárna and Červenohorské sedlo and leads through the most beautiful nooks of these mountains. The trail is part of the Jeseníky Arterial.

  • number of slopes: 8
  • total length of all slopes: 4.5 km
  • seat lift: no
  • artificial snow: yes
  • evening skiing: no
  • children’s park: no
  • ski school: yes
  • equipment rental: yes


Malá Morávka 36
793 36 Malá Morávka
Tel.: +420 733 533 180

Praděd Ski resort
Praděd Ski resort