Pstruží farma Bělá trout farm

Savour excellent trout in Bělá, Silesia

Trout made their homes in our waters centuries ago and have since become a favourite catch amongst fishermen. The Pstruží farma Bělá trout farm is an oasis in the middle of a forest where you can try your hand at fishing.You can either take the trout home with you, or have them freshly prepared at the restaurant here. The local fishermen’s restaurant is renowned far and wide.

And if the pure, icy waters in Bělá truly piqued your interest, you can also try the local path for bare feet, where the cold water helps stimulate circulation in the hands and feet.


Pstruží farma Bělá
Bělá 86
747 23 Bolatice
Tel.: +420 724 923 414

Pstruží farma Bělá trout farm