Raduň Chateau

Chateaus often tower over the landscape so people can admire their noble origins. Raduň Chateau in Opavsko, however, is one that is set romantically into the surrounding natural landscape. The characteristic structure of its tower is reflected in the calm surface of the adjacent pond, making it an inviting place for couples in love to take a stroll...

So it is no wonder that the proper term for the chateau’s architectural style is called Neo-Gothic Romanticism. Raduň is one of the most popular chateaus in the area and, beyond just its interior, also offers the opportunity to visit the orangery and stroll through the stunning chateau gardens with a forest park and network of ponds. The chateau lures visitors in with its strong history and perfectly restored interiors.

The original fortress was acquired by the noble family Tvorkovskys of Kravaře. The estate experienced its greatest boom when it was home to the Larisch-Mönnich dynasty, particularly after Prussian Prince Gebhard Blücher of Wahlstatt married into the family. The nobleman—whose grandfather entered history for fighting alongside Napoleon (not always entirely successfully)—made Raduň into an important seat of the European aristocracy. The chateau retained its appearance since this period and became the summer residence of the Blüchers. Their main residence during their stays in the region was at the Blücher Palace in Opava, one of the most valuable monuments of the city to this day.

The chateau offers its visitors two tour circuits. The first illustrates the life of the nobility in the countryside, while the second leads visitors right into the private chambers of the Blücher family. History enthusiasts and lovers of noble estates can continue to the chateau in Hradec nad Moravicí or to Kravaře. And perhaps the story of the Blücher family will lure them to Opava as well.


Státní zámek Raduň
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Raduň Chateau
Raduň Chateau