Ski Annaberg

Take your family out to Andělská hora. This enjoyable ski resort is located on a sunny hill and offers three slopes of various difficulty levels: blue, red and a free-ride slope for skiing with a dash of adrenaline. The lengths of the slopes range between 750 and 850 meters.

Children will learn the basics of skiing with the help of the instructors from the local ski school on the children’s playground. Your children will be acquainted with their first “ski steps” using a carpet lift, button lift and a ski merry-go-round. Don’t worry about not having any Alpine, Nordic or snowboard  equipment of your own — you can rent them on site. Plus, if you are excited about evening skiing, Annaberg has this covered as well.

  • number of slopes: 3
  • total length of all slopes: 2,75 km
  • seat lift: no
  • artificial snow: yes
  • evening skiing: yes
  • children’s park: no
  • ski school: yes
  • equipment rental: yes


Ski Annaberg
Andělská Hora 597
793 31 Andělská Hora
Tel.: +420 725 396 255

Ski Annaberg
Ski Annaberg