Ski Skalka Family Park

Ski Skalka Family Park is made for visitors who want to enjoy recreational skiing without having to travel to far away mountains to get their kicks. The entire family can let off some steam on two 300-meter-long slopes. Evening skiing is offered as well!

The resort has its own snow park with a ski and snowboard school. The youngest visitors can enjoy a kiddy park with a small lift and the impish mascot Skaláček. And if you or your little ones get bored honing your ski and snowboard skills, try the sleighbobsled or skating on the ice rink! You can rent all of the necessary equipment — snowboards, skates and bobsleds.

Would you like to try something good to keep you warm on the inside? Then treat yourself at the resort’s restaurant with the terrace. You can even get here by tram.

  • number of slopes: 2
  • total length of all slopes: 600 m
  • seat lift: no
  • artificial snow: yes
  • evening skiing: yes
  • children’s park: yes
  • ski school: yes
  • equipment rental: yes


Skalka Family Park s.r.o.
Vřesinská 907
742 85 Ostrava
Tel.: +420 599 520 840

Ski Skalka Family Park
Ski Skalka Family Park
Ski Skalka Family Park