Skialp Praděd

Come explore Jeseníky on skis, enjoy the beautiful views on hikes that will test your abilities, before taking that well-deserved ride downhill... If you do not have the equipment or even lack any experience with Alpine skiing whatsoever, no matter. Visit our specialized Alpine skiing rental store Skialp Praděd, which has not one but two locations in Jeseníky, one right on Praděd - Ovčárna at the Sabinka mountain chalet and the other at Červenohorské sedlo.

Here you can rent or buy full Alpine skiing equipment sets, even for your children, you can get avalanche kits or even pay for a course that will teach you all there is to know about Alpine skiing.


Chata Sabinka
Malá Morávka 283
793 36 Malá Morávka
Tel.: +420 774 655 203

Skialp Praděd
Skialp Praděd