Slezská Harta

Come explore the beauties of the youngest dam in the Czech Republic, as well as the attractions in the area – and rest assured there are many!

You can discover the treasures of Slezská harta, which lies on the Moravice river, and which is intersected by the regional border between Moravia and Silesia, and you can do so on foot, from the seat of your bike, or from the deck of a boat.If you prefer to watch nature from the water surface, you have several very interesting possibilities. The greatest romance is to be experienced aboard the wooden Santa Maria sailboat, which looks like it was chiseled at the time of Christopher Columbus. An equally powerful experience is offered by the brand new high-capacity Harta ship or an electro-boat. If you prefer to rely on your own skills, choose one of the paddle boats that can be rented from several places around the dam!

If you prefer discovering the region on bike, this is an area for you. Your breath will be taken away by beautiful views of the water surface adorning the area between extinct volcanoes, and of the area surrounded by the summits of Hrubý Jeseník. Perhaps you do not have as much endurance as a cyclists? No worries! In Leskovec nad Moravicí you can rent an e-bike! Local biking and hiking trails will lead you around the entire dam to, among others, the oldest Czech town – Bruntál. You can link the town visit to a tour of the local chateau, a relaxing time at the great wellness center or a walk at the peak of the Uhlířský vrch volcano, on top of which stands a baroque church of Mary Help of Christians. A deserted tuff mine lies at the foot of the hill. Trails also wind trough Mezina, which will impress you with its Venus volcano, as well as the Lava Stream natural landmark, a rocky pass toward Razová, which in 1998 became a backdrop to the blockbuster movie Joan of Arc. Definitely pay a visit to the Razovské tufity reservation and the nearby limestone furnace from 1912. On the other side of the dam, near Roudný, from which you can get to Razová by the Rouza ferry, you can hike up the Malý Roudný and Velký Roudný volcanoes. On the latter, higher volcano, be sure to walk up the lookout tower stairwell and treat yourself to a breathtaking view of the ranges of Hrubý Jeseník, the surroundings of Krnov, Opava, Beskydy and Oderské vrchy. You may learn about the volcanic activity and history of these micro-regions more closely on one of the many educational trails.

Slezská Harta is heaven for fishermen, yacht owners and lovers of dragon boats. Every summer, the dam hosts the largest dragon boat race in the Moravian-Silesian region! A similarly interesting event, this time for biking enthusiasts, is the legendary Slezská Harta Superior Bike Marathon, which leads around the entire dam.


IC Slezské Harty
Leskovec nad Moravicí 204
793 68 Dvorce
Tel.: +420 603 699 548

Slezská Harta
Slezská Harta
Slezská Harta