Smetana Square in Ostrava

Smetana Square is the place where the residents and visitors of Ostrava go for a cultural experience.

It is home to two important buildings. The first is the Neo-Baroque Divadlo Antonína Dvořáka Theatre, which is one of the most spectacular theatres in the city. The theatre opened in 1907 and today ranks among some of the most beautiful buildings—its facade emanates luxury.

The second prominent building in the square is the building that houses the Dům knihy bookstore. Built by architect Karel Kotas, it was the first building in Ostrava constructed in the Functionalist style. This is also the reason for its inscription into the list of immoveable monuments of the Czech Republic. An immense skylight illuminates the interior. Karel Kotas had a hand in many buildings in Ostrava and oversaw the construction of the New City Hall as well. A café with outdoor seating is also located in Dům knihy.


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Smetana Square in Ostrava