Sovinec Castle

Sovinec Castle in the Bruntál region is the largest castle unit in the area and one of the largest in Moravia.

It is situated on a rocky spur above the valley of the Low Jeseník and visitors can not only admire the magnificence of medieval buildings, but also enjoy many events such as exhibitions, medieval fairs or sword tournaments, which take place in a period setting.

The castle was founded in the 14th century, it became an important bastion of the Hussite movement and after the defeat on the White Mountain it was acquired by the Order of German Knights. The Order gradually increased the protection of the castle, which is still the best preserved example of fortifications from the Thirty Years’ War. Despite its location on a rocky hill and its massive fortifications, it was eventually conquered by Swedish troops. During the Second World War it was a prison and a base for SS troops.

To continue learning about the local history, you can visit Bruntál chateau, for example, or, if you long to learn about rural life, we recommend the Kosárna in Karlovice.


Hrad Sovinec
Sovinec 58
793 51 Jiříkov
Tel.: +420 554 219 863

Sovinec Castle
Sovinec Castle
Sovinec Castle
Sovinec Castle