Starý Jičín Castle

Stary Jicin castle ruins are located on top of the hill which is clearly recognizable when viewed from the neighboring area due to its conical shape. Stary Jicin was one of the many castles that protected the merchant 'Amber Way' which led across Moravia and Silesia up to the Baltic Sea.

The castle of Stary Jicin belonged to the administration of the Lords of Hückenwaldu, a noble family who had ties to the court of Premysl Otakar I.
The old walls are freely accessible throughout the year and the observation tower, which is being gradually repaired, is open for a fee. In the tower, there is a gift shop and visitors can look at a model of the castle which shows how Starý Jičín looked during its heyday.
From the hill on which Starý Jičín is situated, there are also views of the Beskydy Mountains.


Hrad Starý Jičín
Starý Jičín
742 31 Starý Jičín
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Starý Jičín Castle
Starý Jičín Castle
Starý Jičín Castle