Štramberk Botanical Gardens

The old limestone quarry near the town of Štramberk has become a place where, in the late twentieth century, a botanical garden and arboretum was created.

Thanks to the arboretum, a rare butterfly, which became extinct because of pollution, has returned to Štramberk and was artificially placed here. Today, Štramberk is the only place in the Czech Republic where the butterfly, Apollo, lives. In the botanic garden, rare species of flowers, including orchids and carnivorous plants are grown.
Recently, a cave was discovered here and speleologists are still exploring it. As yet, they have reached a depth of 53 meters. In some places in the cave, you can see the fossilized remains of plants and animals. The former quarry is open for climbers who can use it in agreement with the owner of the premises. You can also go through a labyrinth of stone which reminds people of the Mediterranean region.


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Štramberk Botanical Gardens
Štramberk Botanical Gardens