Studénka Chateau

The castle complex consists of the originally Renaissance style old chateau and the baroque new chateau, reconstructed with Neo-Gothic elements, surrounded by an English park. Adjacent to the premises is the former court and neighboring chapel.

After the construction of the new residence has been completed, the old chateau started serving farming purposes, it housed a brewery and later also a distillery. The old chateau is now one of the biggest tourist attractions of Studénka, as well as a showcase of Renaissance art in Moravia and Silesia.

The new chateau is notable thanks to its big and small towers, the latter with a spiral staircase. During the interwar years, the chateau space served as a legionary business academy; during World War II it was a hostel and infirmary. After the war, the chateau got damaged significantly and was subsequently repaired several times. When visiting the chateau, visitors are always impressed upon spotting the marble staircase, adorned by generously decorated cast iron banisters.


Vagonářské muzeum
Panská 229
742 13 Studénka
Tel.: +420 552 303 730

Studénka Chateau