The Albrechtičky museum

Established by Albrechtičky residents, the oldest cottage in town houses a museum that features an exposition on what village life used to be like.

Albrechtičky locals and residents of nearby villages furnished the museum themselves using items their forefathers had once used. Now these items make up the exhibits that are admired by visitors of this small but pleasant museum. With their help, you can now learn about the rural population of Moravské Kravařsko here in Albrechtičky.

The typical timbered cottage dates back to 1865 and has been restored to its original state. It’s a departure point for visitors on their exploration of the Kotvice natural reserve, where the system of ponds has created a habitat for aquatic birds, and is home to many protected species of aquatic and bog plants. The area is perfect for cyclotourism, and young visitors in particular will appreciate the opportunity to learn about the area of Pohádkové Poodří (Fairy tale Poodří).


Muzeum obce Albrechtičky
Albrechtičky 76
742 55 Albrechtičky

Tel.: +420 558 272 414

The Albrechtičky museum
The Albrechtičky museum