The Bartošovice chateau park

Exuding romanticism, the chateau in Bartošovice is surrounded by an equally picturesque chateau park with many significant trees.

The park’s London plane tree is absolutely unique in that it is considered to be the oldest and largest plane tree in the Czech Republic and is also one of the oldest of all trees in the country.

This tree was planted in 1833 by order of scholar and professor Josef Meinert. It was his way of expressing his great adoration for his partner, Countess Josefina de Canale. They spent twenty years of mutual controversy together at the chateau in Bartošovice, and when the countess died, Josef Meinert had the tree planted beneath the windows of the chateau. This plane tree was said to be as rare and extraordinary as the Countess de Canale herself had been, and so it was imported all the way from England.

Today, the tree is 36 metres tall, and the circumference of its trunk measures almost eight metres, making it one of the largest of its species in Europe. The plane tree has been nicknamed “Josefínin” (“Josefina’s”), and the love of Countess Josefina and Josef Meinert is remembered by a tomb in the nearby church. The chateau park is part of the Zámecká naučná stezka (Chateau Educational Trail) that passes through Bartošovice and whose ten informational boards display the history of this area.


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Bartošovice 1 - zámek
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The Bartošovice chateau park
The Bartošovice chateau park
The Bartošovice chateau park