The Bílá Opava Valley

The hike through the Bílá Opava Valley is the most interesting path to the top of Mount Praděd and one of the most beautiful in the Jeseníky Mountains.

The marked trail starts in Karlova Studánka and follows the river all the way to the Bílá Opava spring. The trail runs through a deep valley where you can visit natural weirs, waterfalls and pools. Everything is literally within reach. You must pass over wooden footbridges and climb ladders and chains in the upper parts of the trail where the water rushes through a rocky gorge. The highest waterfall is eight meters tall!

The Bílá Opava educational trail, that explains how this valley was formed over thousands of years ago, run through this canyon. The upper part of the Bílá Opava Valley will take you to the famous chalet Barborka, all the way to the top of Mount Praděd or to a chalet called Švýcárna. 


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The Bílá Opava Valley