The birth house of Johann Gregor Mendel

World-renowned scientist and founder of genetics, Johan Gregor Mendel was born in 1822 in Hynčice, which today is a part of the village of Vražné in the district of Nový Jičín. Yet another point of interest on your discovery of Poodří, Mendel's birth house is a stately reminder of this genius, and one of the biggest tourist attractions of Moravské Kravařsko.

The complex of Mendel’s house has been very carefully restored and a large portion consists of an exhibit dedicated to the life and work of the man: a multifaceted scientist and an ecclesiastic of the Augustinian order in Staré Brno. Here, tourists can also learn about rural life in this area, which also contains numerous nature reserves and technical monuments. The former barn houses a lecture hall, and the garden in which Mendel spent his childhood is also undergoing gradual restoration. Mendel’s birth house also offers accommodations.

On your pilgrimage to learn about this famous native, you can also take a rest beneath Mendelův kaštan (Mendel’s Chestnut Tree), which dominates the hill landscape over Hynčice. It is said Mendel himself planted the tree, along with his sister, Theresia. The spot also offers gorgeous views of the countryside.


Rodný dům G. J. Mendela
Hynčice 69
742 34 Vražné
Tel.: +420 556 730 105

The birth house of Johann Gregor Mendel
The birth house of Johann Gregor Mendel