The Bolt Tower Ostrava

Until recently, the highest point a person could reach in Ostrava was at the lookout platform at the New City Hall. However, since May of 2015, this is no longer true. Visitors can now ascend to even higher elevations at a lookout created through an addition to the blast furnace in Dolní Vítkovice.

A café, forged from glass and metal, was opened with a lookout platform literally perched atop the former industrial behemoth. Since the lookout was christened by superstar athlete Usain Bolt, a regular participant in the Zlatá tretra track meet in Ostrava, the venue carries the name of this sprinter: The Bolt Tower. It is also a great play on words because its spiralled shape is reminiscent of a hardware bolt.

The lookout platform offers breathtaking bird’s-eye views of the Dolní Vítkovice complex. The view encompasses all of Ostrava, and in good visibility, one can even see as far as the Beskydy Mountains.


Návštěvnické centrum Dolní Vítkovice
Ruská 2993
703 00 Ostrava - Vítkovice
Tel.: +420 724 955 121

The Bolt Tower Ostrava