The Calvary on Cvilín

The Calvary leading to the top of Cvilín Hill by Krnov attracts both worshippers and tourists. The fourteen Stations of the Calvary, such as Jesus Christ’s way to Golgotha, are near the Baroque Church of the Virgin Mary of Sorrows.

Thirteen of the chapels are designed in the Empire style. The fourteenth chapel was built at the beginning of the 18th century and has Baroque elements. The original images of Jesus Christ’s Way were stolen and so the pilgrims can now admire repaired chapels and copies of the original images. The church and Calvary are national cultural monuments.

The stone view-tower and castle ruins are another reason for visiting Cvilín. 


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The Calvary on Cvilín
The Calvary on Cvilín
The Calvary on Cvilín
The Calvary on Cvilín