The Castle in Slezské Rudoltice

The Slezské Rudoltice Castle grounds, alone, are spectacular. The castle, nicknamed the Silesian Versailles, has large premises, which are connected to a small plaza where time seems to stop. It also has a park with a small lake and huge trees.

Many statesmen, such as the Prussian King Frederick II, who defeated Maria Theresa and annexed Silesia. The chateau has been mentioned multiple times in his correspondence with the French author and philosopher Voltaire.

This is the place where a part of Goebbels’s Ministry of Propaganda sat and where Hitlerjugend trained during WW II. The local rarity is Hitler’s billiard table.

The castle has two suites where you can stay overnight. This is an ideal stop for a romantic trip while learning about the famed history of the Osoblaha region. 


Zámek Slezské Rudoltice
Slezské Rudoltice 1
793 97 Slezské Rudoltice
Tel.: +420 777 201 027

The Castle in Slezské Rudoltice
The Castle in Slezské Rudoltice
The Castle in Slezské Rudoltice