The chateau park in Kravaře

The park that unfolds around the chateau in Kravaře is the original riparian forest styled as an English park.

It is a pleasant place for a walk, enclosing ponds and benches with views of the chateau. A cycling route leads through the park to the golf course, which golfers know is among the most picturesque in the Moravian-Silesian Region.

Roughly one hundred different types of trees and shrubs grow in the park, some of them more than 200 years old. In 2011 a black walnut was cut down, known as the tree under which Maria Theresa wept over the loss of Silesia and the city of Kravaře, after losing the wars with Prussia. The tree’s trunk has been placed in the park, while a cross-section of the massive tree stands in the chateau.


Zámek v Kravařích
Alejní 24
747 21 Kravaře
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The chateau park in Kravaře
The chateau park in Kravaře
The chateau park in Kravaře